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*** What is Accoya wood ***

Are you fed up with wood that decays, Window and Doors that swell up


Well now we have an answer to these sort of problems


We welcome "Accoya" Wood- Modified wood by "Accsys Technologies"


This is NOT just presevative treated wood. This is Real wood (Radiarta Pine) that is produced from sustainably sourced, fast growing timber and manufactured using "Accsys" proprietary patented modification process from surface to core. The final product does not hold on to absorbed water and provides no food for wood boring insects. You are left with real wood that has a life expectancy and performane superior to the best hardwoods.


We are enthusiastic users of Accoya wood, We are accredited with its use and we make all types of standard and made to measure joinery including New and Replacement windows and Doors as well as outdoor furniture and conservatories. The performance of windows and doors made from Accoya wood are now comparable with that of PVCu


Some of the Benifits of Accoya are..


Naturally beautiful REAL wood (light in colour)


Outstanding durability


Perfect for coating. Maintenance intervals can be expected to be twice as long on Accoya wood


Produced from sustainable sources


Durable timber


Dimensionally stable timber


FSC certification for cladding


Non toxic




Insect barrier


For full information of Accoya wood visit www.accoya.com